Mid-Iowa Family Therapy Clinic, Inc. provides services in support of several Iowa Department of Human Services programs. We also provide comprehensive, independent outpatient treatment and therapy services to children and adults. Mid-Iowa has been delivering services across Iowa for over twenty years. Our executive management team is licensed in the State of Iowa and has a combined forty years of experience helping children and families.

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Mid-Iowa Family Therapy Clinic, Inc. is a community-based organization that provides services to all clients located in the geographic service delivery areas, regardless of cultural background and socioeconomic status.

Mid-Iowa maintains its focus on children and families through a variety of services, community collaborations and Department of Human Services support.

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“Julie has a great balance of humor, compassion, and critical insight. While she allows me to lead my own care, she is also a complementary guide – never hesitating to probe for underlying issues or to give me valuable resources and information.”


“Heather encouraged me to dig deeper than I had in previous therapeutic relationships. She created a safe space for me to explore and face the reasons why my eating disorder had gained control of my life. By giving voice to the secrets I held within, I was able to release them and allow the dealing process to rise. Heather’s intuition and compassion are the keystones of her ability to connect when others could not. I am forever grateful for her guidance and respect for my journey.”


“My son and I went through Mid-Iowa Family Therapy Clinic and had an amazing experience! The time and effort Corina Maher put into my son and helping me one on one, is something I was very lucky to find with her. I would go back to Corina for anything anytime! It was beyond worth it to me.”