Mid-Iowa Family Therapy Clinic, Inc. provides services in support of several Iowa Department of Human Services programs. We also provide comprehensive, independent outpatient treatment and therapy services to children and adults. Mid-Iowa has been delivering services across Iowa for over twenty years. Our executive management team is licensed in the State of Iowa and has a combined forty years of experience helping children and families.

Community Care

The Community Care program has been serving families since 2005. Community Care is a service provided through a contract with the Iowa Department of Human Services.  The purpose is to strengthen families by building on the family’s resources and developing supports for the family in their community. The service is voluntary and requires a referral by DHS following the completion of a suspected child abuse investigation.

The overall goals are to keep children in the family safe, keep the family intact, and prevent the need for further intervention from the Department of Human Services by building long-term linkages to community-based resources.

Specific Goals of Community Care

  • Reduce concerns for families that create stress and negatively impact the relationship between family members.
  • Partner with families to improve relationships within the family and build connections in their community.
  • Provide contacts and services that meet the family’s needs.
  • Meet the cultural needs of families through better matching of service providers.
  • Develop support systems for families to increase the resources they have available to reduce stressors the family may be experiencing.

Community Care Resources

Mid-Iowa Family Therapy Clinic, Inc. has compiled a list of resources in Iowa counties that may be of assistance to a referred family. While working with a Community Care Case Manager and after services have ended, these resources help keep families empowered and connected to their community. The resources include services offered by for-profit and nonprofit agencies, along with agencies that are religiously affiliated and State agencies. Available resources target the individual needs of children or adults, families, parents or other primary caregivers.

Who is Eligible to Receive Services?

The Community Care Program works directly with families who are referred by the Department of Human Services to reduce safety and risk concerns.

Families who agree to accept services will meet with a Community Care Manager to determine how best to meet each child and family’s specific needs.  Mid-Iowa Family Therapy Clinic, Inc. will strive to serve all families and meet their unique cultural needs, including those with limited English proficiency.

Family Safety, Risk, Permanency Services

Family Safety, Risk, and Permanency Services (FSRP) are provided to families who are referred by the Iowa Department of Human Services. These family-centered services focus on promoting safety, permanency, and well-being for children. This includes providing interventions to preserve families, managing family reunification when children have been removed from their homes, or achieving alternative permanent family connections. Permanent alternative family connections include making and maintaining an adoptive or guardianship placement for children who cannot return home.